Thursday, April 30, 2009


1. Match adjectives in A with adjectives in B to make pairs of opposites

A: cheerful, generous, hard-working, loud, nice, serious, shy
B: confident, funny, lazy, mean, moody, nasty, quiet

2. Write four sentences describing yourself, your best friend and members of your family. Use 3 adjectives in each sentence
a) __________________________________________________
b) __________________________________________________
c) __________________________________________________
d) __________________________________________________

3. Complete the sentences. Use the adjectives in the box.
funny generous lazy loud moody nice shy
1 Bob is always making jokes – he’s really ____________ .
2 Jane never does the housework – she’s so ____________ .
3 Tanya is a really ____________ person – kind, friendly and generous.
4 My aunt is really ____________ – she often gives me presents.
5 Dave is always shouting – he’s so !
6 My brother finds it difficult to meet people. He’s really ____________ .
7 Laura is quite ____________ – she’s sometimes friendly and sometimes unfriendly.

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